once upon a pie

Bespoke buttercream cakes and dessert grazing packages for all occasions.

Handcrafted, from scratch with careful attention to detail and flavour in Hallett Cove, SA.

Servicing southern Adelaide and the Mclaren Vale.

With 8+ years experience creating beautiful and delicious cakes and desserts. Once Upon A Pie will make your cakes and desserts truely worth celebrating!

If you would like to discuss your next event, please do not hesitate to get in touch! 





Cake Price Guide

How much for one of my delicious, made from scratch, handcrafted cakes? See below for a price guide. Contact me for a dessert price list and for a customised quote!

Custom Cakes:

5″, 3 layer cake, serves 9 -18 – From $95

5” Cake, 4 layers, serves approx 12 – 24 From $115

6″ Cake, 4 layers, serves 20 – 40 – From $140

7″ Cake, 4 layers, serves 30 – 60 – From $160

Why such a big serving range? Depends on your serving size. Coffee portions will see your cake stretch to double the servings than dessert sized portions so depends how big you want to cut your servings! Watch my video below ”How to cut a tall cake” to see the two serving sizes and how I recommend you cut my cakes to get the most amount of equal sized servings from it.

Final price depends on the decorations and design. Cake toppers, fresh flowers etc cost extra!