Now isnt that a fab idea? There is often times when you want to thank people in your life that have helped you out with a little gift. But what to get them? Recently a Mum who I had baked a custom decorated celebration cake for her newborn baby Teddys arrival into the world, loved the cake someone bought her so much she order 8 mini versions to give out as thank yous to her family and friends.

Now obviously I am a cake addict, or I wouldn’t do what I do, but who wouldn’t love someone rocking up on the door step with a beautiful decorated custom made boxed 4 inch cake to say thanks?

Row of Thankyou Cakes

These cakes were 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches high, perfect size to feed 8.

I just think this is such a sweet idea, and so versatile. Thank yous to friends and family after the birth of a child, thank yous to the bridal party for help with the wedding, thank yous for your kids teachers, thank you can be said with cake for just about any reason, but not a big cake that may go to waste, but a cute little individual cake made with love and decorated with your purpose and design in mind.

I am loving this idea. I hope you are to!


From $20 per cake.