I have been planning to do it for a while now, but just haven’t quiet gotten around to it. But finally, this October, Once Upon A Pie had its first market stall. A lovely local market that happens every so often in Chelsea, Nanna Cool Markets is a gorgeous little handmade/homemade market with lots of lovely local makers and bakers. Perfect for Once Upon A Pie.

This would be a wonderful opportunity to meet some locals, get my little business out there in my own neighborhood and sells some of my home baked goodies to anyone who would like to try them.

As this was my first stall, I didn’t know what to make or how much to make. I am cursed with indecision and so changed my mind a ridiculous amount of times as to what and how much I was going to bake. I think ultimately I only made my final decisions 2 days before the market whilst knee deep in fudge and cake batter.

I expected ultimately I would have lots of leftovers, and may not even break even as the difficulty with baking is what doesn’t sell, unfortunately goes to waste/friends who happen to pop around that week/my morning tea! This can make it tricky to really make a profit but really wanted to get my name out in my neighborhood and meet some locals!

My fudge has been going down a storm recently, I think because its different. Macarons and Cupcakes have been saturating the cafes and markets for years now, and whilst fudge is out there – its not MY fudge! I don’t even really like fudge, but this stuff is devine. Less sugary, more chocolately and creamy, and with endless flavour options. I am a little biased, but try it for yourself and tell me what you think!

I chose a pick n mix theme. I thought it would be fun for people to chose their own flavours or just get 1 of each if they couldn’t decide! Fudge is also perfect for free tasters, as its easy to cut into small pieces.

Nanna Cool Fudge Display


I decided to make some macarons aswell, but not as the feature of the stall. I  pre-packaged them into little treat packs, with one chocolate and one Iced Vovo macaron in each, for $4 – a bargain! And two very delicious flavours. They looked very sweet.

My third and last item was mud cakes, mini mud cakes!  Also a bargain – at $15 each these little beauties can feed up to 8 people, so are the perfect size for a weekend, without leaving you with lots of leftovers.

Cakes and Fudge at Nanna Cool

I roped my husband in for the day, and I set off nervous and excited for my first foray into markets! All set up – just in time – for the 10am start time I barely had a chance to stand back at admire my stand before the hoards started flocking towards the free samples, kids, adults all tucked in and just a few minutes in the fudge boxes started selling.

At about 1030 I think we started to realised we were under prepared, we hadnt made up enough boxes ready to go, we will still finding our feet on how to do things, and the people were literally queueing up!

By about 1130 we realized I had grossly underestimated how much would sell, and the fudge was selling out. Yep 1.5 hours into a 4 hour market, we were starting to panic. I had to send my mum home to get more boxes, and she couldn’t get back fast enough, we were waiting for her to get back so we could package peoples purchases!

Me at the Nanna Cool Market


The fudge sold out – I was excited and pleased but also mortified at how under prepared I was! What do we do for the next two hours!! The cakes were next to go. I only made 5 and expected leftovers, I wasn’t sure how they would be received, but people were up for a weekend treat (and bargain!).

To give us something to do, and help us finish off the sales by selling the macarons (which sold surprisingly slow in comparison to everything else) we cut a bunch up and started giving macaron quarters away as tasters. I came with 30 bags of macarons, I came home with 6. And that’s all I returned with. Friends and family sniffing for leftovers were sadly disappointed!!!

What a buzz! Was such a great day, seeing peoples reaction to my food, and their  pleasure upon tasting it, the new likes on my facebook page, the lovely stallholders I had the pleasure to meet and the exhilaration of surpassing all my expectations! The lovely stallholder next to me teared up when I told her it was my first stall and I had sold out, she was so happy for me, and we had never met until that day! I celebrated by buying myself an adorably handmade handbag from the very talented Mikra Rouha. I just wanted to share the love! I did a little lap and bought some chrissie presents to support my fellow stallholders and help the success of their day as well.

I can’t wait for my next Nanna Cool market – 22nd November, St Pauls Church in Frankston 10am – 4pm. I am going to be making double this time, so no one misses out on a little box of heavenly fudge!

Nanna Cool Market Stall