The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro – BEM800CB – Cranberry – A Bakers Review…

So I decided with 2014 being declared the year of baking for me it was time to get serious and get a shiny new kitchen stand mixer!

There is so many models to choose from and they are all so expensive I was initially a bit overwhelmed with what to get. Kitchen-aid is the best known model but you are paying for a name – these guys NEVER have sales and you are looking at upwards of $600.

There are a few reasons why Kitchen-aids are great, mainly the attachments. But for me it was mainly just their ascetics and colour range. The attachments are great but ultimately I was buying a stand mixer to bake, not to make pasta or mince meat with. But each to their own!

Given that, I was swaying towards the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro. I found it to be the most ascetically pleasing after I had ruled out the Kitchen Aid, in a nice deep red cranberry colour, and whilst that is not everything, I will use it so much it will never get packed away, so looking good is a requirement!

It also has a paddle attachment with scrappers as well as a standard paddle attachment. This has turned out to be an amazing function when creaming butter and sugar for example as you don’t need to keep stopping it to scrape down the sides you can just let it run and do its thing.

It’s also really easy to handle, easy to get the attachments in and out and has a really powerful motor. (More powerful than a Kitchen-aid interestingly.) It has a timer which will count up or down and turn off after the set time limit if set that way which is a great function for a busy baker multi-tasking away.

I managed to get this little baby in the Boxing Day sales for $450 saving about $150 and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase – it gets a good workout in my kitchen and is yet to disappoint.

Oh and his name? John.

Happy Baking.